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Data security expertise and tools tailored to your organization

Our data security consulting practice provides expertise tailored to the unique needs of your organization. We take the time to understand your organization’s goals, culture, and requirements in order to provide solutions which will improve the organization’s security maturity.

We also apply data science to security, providing tools which are designed to increase the efficiency of existing security processes and staff by:

  • Applying machine learning techniques to find actionable information when it is needed

  • Predict potential security issues or areas of risk

  • Provide a “state of security” within the organization, allowing for a high-level overview of the organization’s security posture

  • Identify where actions are not in alignment with security controls


Virtual CISO

The value of an experienced CISO, on-demand.

Benefits of an on-demand Chief Information Security Officer (CISO):

  • Gain immediate access to the valuable guidance of a security leader, without bringing one in-house.

  • Get an unbiased assessment of existing security programs.

  • Quickly assess risk, compliance, and security posture using senior level executive talent.

  • Leverage decades of tactical and strategic security experience to define appropriate security strategy and roadmap.


Areas of Expertise

Security Strategy

Balancing security needs with organizational goals can be challenging at times, made worse by the fact that executives aren’t security experts. But they shouldn’t need to be. We bring the expertise necessary to align security efforts with organizational goals, plugging into and augmenting the already existing expertise of the executive team.

Maturing Security Programs

Security is frequently performed in an ad hoc, reactionary way. We provide the framework and expertise to systematically improve your organization’s security maturity in three areas: people, processes, and technology. We assess the current security program and identify ways to improve its maturity, within in the context of your organization. 

Security Analytics

Half the battle in data security is understanding what you know and what you don’t know. We help organizations identify key components of the organization to monitor, as well as work to ensure the technologies and processes are in place to adequately provide the continuous monitoring needed in today’s ever-changing threat landscape.

Cloud Security

We help organizations utilize cloud services in a secure manner: assessing risk, identifying gaps, and providing security expertise. Our tools can marry cloud service and on-premises security data to provide insight across the entire organization.

Regulatory and Compliance

Understanding the Byzantine world of security standards and regulations can be daunting. We provide the expertise needed to identify the security standards appropriate to the risk profile, culture, and regulatory needs of your organization. Example frameworks with which we’re familiar are: NIST 800-53, CIS, PCI, HIPAA, SOC 1 & 2, and ISO 27001.

Secure Software Development

Software must be trustworthy in order to be useful, so security must be considered during the software development lifecycle. We provide the expertise and experience which enables security to plug into software development processes without bogging them down.



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