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A data-driven approach to improving organizational security maturity

Our security consulting practice provides the expertise to help organizations improve their security maturity. We utilize a data-driven approach, tailored to the unique goals, culture, and requirements of each organization, to systematically improve security maturity in three primary areas: People, Processes, and Technology.

Because our approach is data-driven, we avoid an ad hoc, "shoot from the hip" approach to addressing data security needs, instead we track improvement over time and identify problematic areas in need of greater attention.

Our Approach


Review the current security program and identify any gaps or risks.


Prioritize identified risks using a rubric which considers impact, likelihood, etc.


Identify how risks might be mitigated or accepted.


Implement the controls and mitigations identified.


Track risk reduction over time and identify problematic areas of the organization.


Repeat the process on a regular basis.


Virtual CISO

The value of an experienced CISO, on-demand.

Benefits of an on-demand Chief Information Security Officer (CISO):

  • Gain immediate access to the valuable guidance of a security leader, without bringing one in-house.

  • Get an unbiased assessment of existing security programs.

  • Quickly assess risk, compliance, and security posture using senior level executive talent.

  • Leverage decades of tactical and strategic security experience to define appropriate security strategy and roadmap.



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