Regression Labs

About Us

Passion. Perspective. Experience.

Our Story

We have experience working in the data security field since 1999 in various roles, including security analyst, security researcher, penetration tester, security architect, consultant, and Chief Information Security Officer - all in various industries such as education, banking, investment companies, federal contractors, state agencies, accounting, legal, software development, and nonprofits. Security is a passion and we relish the challenge it presents.

Years ago we began implementing machine learning technologies within the information security space. Information security is uniquely challenged to rapidly make sense of large, diverse, and unstructured data. The difficulty of finding actionable information while consuming a fire hose of data, all formatted differently, offered the opportunity to learn and apply machine learning concepts to augment the expertise and decision-making of security staff. We then began applying those lessons and expertise to build tools and other analytics processes that utilize machine learning to inform decision-making and augment existing staff.

We are a Utah-based company, shredding the slopes in the winter and backpacking the other seasons.